Friday, August 11, 2017

Throwback Friday: Teen Review of 'Rats Saw God' by Rob Thomas

This summer we'll be highlighting some of our older faves that you might have missed. Today recent grad (yay!) Anna shares a book that unexpectedly knocked her out:

Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas

Rats Saw God is just so different from other novels I read that it’s found a place in my heart. I can list a couple reasons why I enjoyed it, but there’s no one outstanding feature--it just worked really well as a story. When people ask me for book recommendations, it’s one of my go-to novels. It starts like a typical story I’ve read before, but it goes somewhere new and refreshing.

Formerly a 4.0 student with a bright future and a wonderful girlfriend, events that went down Steve’s 10th and 11th grade years have led him to a senior year that’s hazy and full of gloom. Now, he’s failing all of his classes and the only way he can graduate is if he passes a remedial class with only one assignment: write a 100 page paper about himself.

The novel flips between his past and present and it is intriguing how Thomas weaves the narratives together. The “plot” of the novel is less important than the fact that the topics he covers (like Dadaism) are so wild that they kept me invested. While I couldn’t personally relate to Steve’s situation, he has such a strong, original voice that I couldn’t help but empathize with his problems and frustration.

The characters are probably one of the key reasons I admire this book; authentic characters are my weakness. Upon finishing Rats Saw God, I had to stop and think a lot about life and expectations and existence. Any book that can take you to a different world while simultaneously making you ask big questions about your own reality is worth reading.

I really wasn’t expecting much from this book when I checked it out, but Rats Saw God stole my heart and I hope it takes yours too.

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