Monday, July 24, 2017

The Reader by Traci Chee

The Reader: Sea of Ink and Gold by Traci Chee

Since the death of her parents, Sefia has traveled with her aunt Nin, a great pickpocket. Sefia is terrible at stealing, but she has other talents. When Nin is carried off by soldiers, Sefia finds what her parents died trying to protect: a book.

Sefia lives in a world where people pass down their history by telling stories. Coming into possession of a book is dangerous and the only ones who learn to read are supposed to be trained librarians who are part of the ruling class.

But Sefia is determined to learn what's in the book and find out how to use it to get her aunt back. On her quest she finds a mysterious boy locked in a cage who can’t remember his past . When she sets him free they quickly become allies and friends.

Together the two face off with soldiers, pirates, thieves and more in this exciting fantasy adventure that will leave you immediately ready to grab book two, The Speaker, which comes out in November!

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