Monday, July 10, 2017

Middle School Monday: Felix Yz by Lisa Bunker

Librarian M shares another brand new pick:

Felix Yz by Lisa Bunker

When Felix was three his dad was killed in an experiment that also fused Felix with a fourth-dimensional alien named Zyx. Being fused with Zyx has not been good for Felix’s health, so he has been scheduled for a very delicate, dangerous surgery that will hopefully disentangle the two.

I know that all sounds like very hard sci-fi, but stay with me if you’re not into that kind of thing. Felix is also a middle school student who struggles with bullies, an overprotective mother, and his crush on a boy in his class. He’s a guy with both the most quotidian of worries and the most incredible of worries all mixed up into one scared kid. I promise you—this boy who has a fourth-dimensional alien inside him is very relatable.

Give Felix Yz a try if you usually go for realistic fiction, but are willing to try something with a little more weirdness thrown in to spice things up.

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