Friday, June 9, 2017

Top 5 in 2017: Maria's Picks

This week we're looking at our favorite books of the year... so far. 

Today Maria shares her stand outs:

Famous Last Words by Katie Alender
If you like mystery, murder, movies, history and romance, this is a book for you.  High schooler Willa is seeing things. She has just moved to Hollywood with her mother and movie-director stepfather and is having visions, like seeing dead bodies in her swimming pool.  Is her mind playing tricks on her? Or is someone trying to tell her something?

Goodbye Days, A Novel by Jeff Zentner
When a simple text message causes the death of three of Carver Brigg’s friends, he must come to terms with the consequences.  Is he really to blame because the message the driver answered was from him?  A novel of friendship and support when you need it.  A thoughtful novel about today’s teens.

Hawthorn, who is not the most popular girl in her high school is obsessed with the disappearance of beautiful and popular Lizzie Lovett. She comes up with an implausible theory, gets a part-time job at the diner where Lizzie worked, and even gets involved with Lizzie’s boyfriend.  And then the truth is revealed. A nice mystery with a bit of fluff that works out in the end. 

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life  by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
A warm, beautifully written story of a teen growing up in El Paso, Texas, his relationship with a loving dad who happens to be gay and two unforgettable best friends.
This is Alire Sáenz best book yet, and definitely the best one I have read this year so far.

Jip Thorpe was arguably the greatest sport legend of its time, who led the small Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania to victories over Harvard, Yale and Army.
But Jim wasn’t just good at football, he was a Pentathlon and Decathlon gold medalist at the 1912 Olympics.  An amazing biography of a true sports legend.

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