Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Middle School All Stars Week: The Metropolitans by Carol Goodman

This week, we're highlighting some great picks for middle schoolers, Katie shares her new fave:

The Metropolitans by Carol Goodman
Madge has recently been sent to live with an aunt after the death of her mother. Walt’s parents sent him away from Germany as the Nazis came to power. Joe ran away from the reservation school, leaving behind his sister. And Kiku is Japanese American (with a mother still in Japan)… on the day the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.

As their paths collide at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, these four thirteen years olds are about to find something of what they’ve lost in each other. The 1941 New York setting leaps off the page, intermingling with the century old tales of the men and women of the legendary King Arthur’s Court. And Madge, Walt, Joe, and Kiku each have such interesting stories themselves, you’ll find there is never a dull moment as they race to save New York from crippling attack that could change the course of the war.

The Metropolitans by Carol Goodman is a rollicking adventure story filled with unexpected plots twists and unrelenting suspense as the four teens learn to trust each other and the magic growing in them even in the face of betrayal. If you loved The Apothecary or the rich blending of history, magic, and friendship in  Fantastic Beasts, this book is for you.

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