Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Middle School All Stars Week: Heist Society by Ally Carter

This week, we're highlighting some great picks for middle schoolers,  teen reviewer Neeka shares today's title:

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Big houses, expensive jewelry, and even more expensive paintings--all of it stolen. Welcome to the Heist Society. This series by Ally Carter centers on Kat Bishop, a girl who's fed up with her family business--stealing--but is drawn back into it by a friend so they can save her father. She quickly sheds the role of a dirty thief and takes on an unexpected one: Robin Hood. This time, she's stealing paintings to undo horrible wrongs and to free her father.

This series is fast-paced and fun, featuring dynamic personalities and many unexpected twists. Read the whole series and you'll be surprised at how quickly you fly through it!

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