Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Learning to Swear in America by Katie Kennedy

Learning to Swear in America by Katie Kennedy

Yuri has arrived in California from Moscow, but it's not for a class trip or sight seeing. Instead, the seventeen year old is here to help save the world. He's a physics prodigy with a doctorate and an expertise in antimatter. This is helpful because there happens to be an asteroid hurtling towards Earth at an alarming speed.

But, once he's working at the Jet Propulsion Lab, he has two problems. A) No one wants to listen to his work because he's seventeen and every one of his colleagues is at least a decade older and B) the government isn't so keen on sending him back to Russia if he does in fact find a way to stop the asteroid (to be fair, if he doesn't find a way, problem B is not really a concern anymore).

When he befriends Dovie and Lennon, the kids of a janitor at the JPL, they are pretty sure that they can assist him with both of these issues. Their methods are very far from Yuri's previous experiences and include adventures that Yuri is pretty sure he doesn't have time to partake in (what with the saving the world with math and everything). But his time with his new friends does motivate him with glimpses of life outside of NASA. But with a clock ticking down will it be enough to help Yuri find a way to be heard?

Yuri is a steadfast narrator who is open to trying anything once, even though he looks like the farthest outside of his comfort zone he gets is wearing loafers instead of dress shoes. This is a fish out of water story that will have you laughing out loud even as you get closer and closer to possible impact.

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