Monday, March 27, 2017

Middle School Monday: I Got This: To Gold and Beyond by Laurie Hernandez

I Got This: To Gold and Beyond by Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez doesn't let anything stop her. For instance, when she was training to become an Olympic gymnast, she had many injuries, including a fractured wrist. She didn’t want to lose any ground while she was waiting for her wrist to heal, but she also didn't want to do anything to keep her wrist from getting back to it's full potential -- so her solution? She started practicing no-handed cartwheels.

I Got This:  shows just how much work goes into setting foot onto the medal podium. From practicing 35 hours a week as a ten year old, to home schooling, to practicing through injuries, Laurie Hernandez did it all and more.

Plus, on top of being unstoppable competitor, Laurie has a spirit that will not quit, which has led her to be nicknamed “the human emoji.” Her optimism and enthusiasm shine through her memoir. Plus her story is full of behind the scenes looks at her family and teammates.

And I promise, you don’t have to even be able to do a regular cartwheel to enjoy this book!

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