Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jessica Spotswood Week: Wild Swans

This week we're focusing on one of the founders of our YA author panel, "Shut Up and Write," the fabulous, Jessica Spotswood. On Friday we'll feature an interview with her and be sure to come and join us on September 22 for our next panel!

Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood

Ivy has led a very over-scheduled high school career. She comes from a family of extremely brilliant and talented but also extremely troubled women and Ivy can't stop wondering if there's something she's destined to excel at besides being a good daughter. So, that's meant her grandfather has had her in lessons in everything from art to poetry to ballet to swimming, but nothing except the swimming has stuck. This summer Ivy is not going to worry about being the next great Milbourne woman, she's just going to relax, hang out with her friends and go to the occasional bonfire party.

Of course, the second she makes her mind up about the summer, fate steps in to shake things up. Her mother, who Ivy hasn't seen since she was a toddler, blows back into town with two half-sisters that Ivy has never met or known about. Suddenly her quiet house is full of slamming doors, fights between her mom and her ganddad and her new middle sister's teenaged tantrums. Not the relaxing summer she was looking for at all.

If you like stories about complex families and strong women, this latest book from Jessica Spotswood is for you. The Milbourne family has a lot of dark history, but Ivy wants to find a way to make peace with the women who came behind her. This summer she's going to try and find a way to be the Milbourne daughter who is unconcerned with being anyone but herself.

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