Friday, July 1, 2016

Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry

Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry

Razor is a man without a place or person he feels safe with. Though he considers the motorcycle club, The Reign of Terror, his family, ever since his mom died under mysterious circumstances, he can't help feeling they haven't told him the whole story of what happened. On top of that there's the dangers of working as part of the security contracting business the club runs and then the everyday daggers everyone at his high school thinking he's secretly either a drug dealer or a killer because of his affiliation with the Terror. It's a lot to deal with and Razor is exhausted.

Bre is also tired. She's the fifth of nine children and a peacemaker through and through. Though that might be a nicer way of putting the fact that she can't stand to have anyone dislike her, so she's spent her years at school blending into the background. She doesn't answer questions at school even though she know the answers and she doesn't do anything about the fact that her sister Clara is making her life horrible at home either.

When Razor sees past Bre's invisibility to the smart girl she is, she can't deny she's flattered or that she sees something more in the boy that the entire school talks trash about. But getting involved with him would definitely create conflict and it might even be dangerous. Is the quiet, motorcycle riding boy in her AP Physics class worth throwing away the her years of work at blending in?

As usual in a Katie McGarry book, this book grabbed me and I had to read it in one sitting. Breanna is faced with a villain who is much more dangerous to her than Razor, despite his squeaky clean rep at school and online. Bre and Razor are thrown together to try to stop the plot and sparks definitely fly. There are car chases, cyber-hacking, stand-offs and plenty of kissing. This is the perfect book to take along for your summer roadtrip, beach vacation or anything else where you need some romantic explosions.

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