Monday, July 11, 2016

Teen Review: This is My Brain on Boys by Sarah Strohmeyer

Fabulous High School TAB member, Anna shares her love for a new romantic comedy:

This Is My Brain On Boys by Sarah Strohmeyer

This book was handed to me by my friend as a joke after TAB-- they pointed at the cover and said "Look, it's you!!" I took it without question, because YES this cover and title is Me: I have a bird brain when it comes to boys. As I was reading, I discovered that the STORY was also relatable and hilarious, and I want more people to read this book.

Addie Emerson, a huge nerd and complete literalist, attends a private school called Academy 335. This school has all the resources she needs to conduct a science project and submit the results to a committee that could grant her the Athenian Award, AKA a full ride to Harvard. Her hypothesis is that in "specific"-- so, dangerous-- situations, you could get any two people to feel instant attraction. While Addie herself doesn't want to fall in love (phd > boys), she'd certainly like this experiment to be successful. So of course, love story-- ensue.

The main reason I liked this book so much is that IT IS SO FUNNY. Addie and I share the trait of taking everything literally and seeing her amplified version of myself had me snorting.  Even if this is not how you look at life, you can still relate to her small group of friends who are constantly laughing at her. The humor in this book will reach you no matter what kind of person you are. 

While the whole cast is not memorable, I think there is a little bit of everyone in each of the characters: Addie-- Nerd Girl; Kris-- the smoldering eyes, dark hair, total loser love interest; Tess-- the reliable best friends; Dexter-- the jerk with a cause. This is completely personal opinion but I love casts with exaggerated tropes, and this group is one of them.

I found the plot a little predictable, and sometimes not enough context was given, but all books have flaws. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the humor, characters, and plot of the novel. 4.5 stars!

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