Monday, July 18, 2016

Middle School Monday: Compass South by Hope Larson with Illustrations by Rebecca Mock

 Compass South by Hope Larson with Illustrations by Rebecca Mock

Alexander and Cleopatra Dodge are on the run. Their father has been missing for months and they've just given the police the names of the gang of pickpockets that they'd been working with. It seems the only option is to get a new start, somewhere far away, like New Orleans. When they see a notice for someone looking for their long lost red-headed twins, it seems like fate. Except for one problem, the ad is looking for two lost twin brothers.

But with a quick cut of Cleo's hair, they should be set, right? Not so fast, first they run into two other red-headed twins (Ed and Silas) who are clearly trying to execute the same scheme. Still more kinks in their plan arise when Ed and Alex get separated from Cleo and Silas. Not to mention the fact that the gang of pickpockets has aligned itself with some pirates and still seeks Alex and Cleo!

Will Cleo and Alex be reunited? Will either set of twins be able to cash in on the missing brothers scheme? And what happened to Alex and Cleo's dad?

To find out, check out the adventure filled, full-color graphic novel Compass South, book one in the Four Points series! This is a fun, fast moving tale that you can devour in one setting, but then you'll want to go back and spend a lot more time looking at the illustrations!

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