Friday, June 24, 2016

Perfect Liars by Kimberly Reid

Librarian M has a perfect heist novel for your summer:
Perfect Liars by Kimberly Reid

Drea is a do-everything-right, people-pleasing, top-of-the-class type of gal from a well-to-do family living outside Atlanta. She’s trying her best not to follow in her parents’ footsteps—they accumulated their wealth by conning their way through the antiques world. They’ve gone straight for the last few years, but after a massive heist happens in their neighborhood they disappear and Drea has her doubts.

Mixed up in all of this is Xavier, who gets caught breaking into Drea’s school with his friend Jason. Drea has a crush on him, but he doesn’t trust her. If she only had enough information Drea could surely figure out what’s going on, but she’s going to have to do a little digging to find out what she needs to know.

This book is great if you are in the mood for a fun high-society mystery. Check it out!

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