Monday, June 27, 2016

Middle School Monday: As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds

As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds
Do you ever spend all night thinking of something dumb that you did or said during the day? Maybe you did something embarrassing or made a mistake that you wish you could take back?

If this sounds like you, than you have a lot in common with the lead character in this book. Genie keeps a running list of all the things he wishes he’d done differently. When his parents send Genie and his brother from Brooklyn to their grandparents in southern Virginia for the summer, he just knows that his list is going to get a lot longer.

Sure enough, basically the first thing he does is say something about his grandfather’s eyesight, when it turns out that the big man can’t really see at all anymore. But rather than be offended, his grandad starts trusting him with other secrets.

When one of the secrets is the fact that his mostly blind grandad is keeping a gun with him at all times, Genie has to figure out if keeping these secrets or telling them will be the mistake that keeps him up all night.

This new book by Jason Reynolds (one of our very favorite authors) is a summery book full of secrets, half-truths and Genie’s quest to do the right thing. 

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