Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Even if the Sky Falls by Mia Garcia

Even if the Sky Falls by Mia Garcia

Julie is on the run. Her life has been nothing but stress and tears lately and Julie is ready to break free from it all. When her church is sending a youth group trip to New Orleans to do community service over the summer, Julie jumps at the chance. But when she gets there, she's surrounded by people she knows and who know her family's secrets. The trip alone is not enough of a change, she needs something more.

That more is going to come in the forms of one very handsome blue-haired, banjo-playing tour guide to the city she's been visiting without getting to wander. If only she can keep him separate from all the trouble and hurt seems to follow her like a cloud. To ensure that she can have one free night away from her life, Julie decides there will be no names exchanged and absolutely no baggage revealing. Just exploring and being in the moment. Lucky for Julie, she's with "Miles," that's not his real name, but she's calling him it anyway. He's a boy who knows his way around and weaves a great story as he goes along, plus it's mid-summer Mardi Gras and there is an unending amount of things to see.

But there's a storm rolling in and the parade can only last so long, will Julie be able to hold on to Miles when her real life crashes the party? If you love up-all-night romances (and we do), you will want to tag along. It will leave you wanting to eat hot beignets all night with someone you can't stop kissing.

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