Friday, April 8, 2016

Up and Coming: A Walk in the Sun by Michelle Zink

A Walk in the Sun by Michelle Zink

Release date: May 3, 2016

Life for Rose is changing in ways she can't prepare for. Her mom passed away and her dad's been so swallowed by grief that Rose has spent most of her senior year running her parents' farm by herself. Now high school is ending and her friends are heading off to colleges. Rose would like to just stop everything from changing for one summer.

But, her aunt has hired Bodhi Lowell to help with the farm during the summer. From the second he arrives it's clear that Rose's wish for stasis will not come true. But, just how much can she let this handsome, quietly charming farm-hand shake up her life without having it all fall to pieces?

This is a slow southern burn of a book. Rose and Bodhi are both skittish and need all the time that the summer can give them to feel each other out and figure out if they can trust one another. All the while the chemistry between them is simmering to a boil. You will want to read this with a cool glass of lemonade at the ready.

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