Friday, April 15, 2016

Radio Week: The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne

Katie finishes up Radio Week with a new take on a classic:

This one is for anyone who
  1. Can’t get enough of America and election year drama,
  2. Has given up on drama and elections and everything that comes with it, or
  3. Has no opinion on America or the election but adores really lovely folk music and smart books
    The Wrong Side of Right is the story of Kate Quinn, the girl who lost her mom and gained a dad and new family all in one year. That would be enough drama for most books, but add in the fact that Kate’s dad is a candidate for president and her entire life is about to become part of one huge, non-stop campaign trail adventure, and you’ve got quite the tale.

    This isn’t a political book, though. Or it is in that politics dictate every interaction Kate has with her dad, but it doesn’t take sides. Rather it’s an exploration of America and the people who love it and dedicate their lives to serving it. It’s also an exploration of family, friendship, fitting in, and what it might be like to get caught kissing the cute son of the current president. In an election year where it feels like the media is trying to fit everyone--candidates and voters alike--into neat little boxes, it’s great to come across a book that throws out boxes and explores the people behind the soundbites.

    And if you need a song to accompany you on the campaign trail with Kate, nothing can beat these two amazing Swedish girls covering Paul Simon’s “America.” Let First Aid Kit remind you how beautiful that America--even in an election year--can be.

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