Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Conviction by Kelly Loy Gilbert
Conviction by Kelly Loy Gilbert

Everyone knows Braden's dad. They listen to his preaching on the radio and everyone knows that he's a pillar of the community. But they also know that his dad was recently arrested and charged with murder for the hit and run death of a police officer. They also know that Braden is going to be the main witness in the case.

Here are some things that people don't know
- Why Braden's brother Trey left home and hasn't spoken to his dad or really Braden in years.
- What really happened to Braden's mother.
- How much Braden wants everything to go back to normal.

This is a tough look at what any one person might bring with them when they take the stand to testify. It also examines how Braden can reconcile what everyone in his small town think they know about his dad with what he knows is the truth. 

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