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The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

It took three to defeat the wizard you're not supposed to name and one kid to get pulled from New York City and find his demigod future... but, what happened to the rest of the kids at Hermione's old school? How about the other teens on the field trip with Percy or the members of the prom planning committee at Bella Swan's high school?

This book takes a look into these questions. Mikey, his sisters Mel and Meredith, his best buddy Jared and his crush Henna are all growing up in a relatively normal town. If you don't count the time the vampires came around, or the time the ghosts attacked. But, the thing is, the weird stuff never happens to Mikey or his friends or family. It happens to the pretty kids in his school. They're often new to school and they always have unusual names like Satchel and Kerouac. These teens speak in really deep sentences and always seem to be tangled up in love triangles.

So, Mikey and his friends don't really worry about  the supernatural attacks, or at least they try not to. Mikey has enough on his plate, worrying about his older sister who is recovering from an eating disorder that almost killed her a few years ago. Then, he's also worried because his politician mother, who likes to use her perfect children in her campaign, is threatening to run for senate. And that's all before the fact that he's started having to touch the pointed edges of things a set number of times (again) and sometimes he can't stop washing his hands until Jared pulls him away from the sink.

And, okay, it was a lot easier ignoring the supernatural before the chosen ones started dying off -- before the animals in their woods started acting really weird and before strange lights started shooting from the sky.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here  is a good reminder that everyone is the star of their own story, even the extras who don't even get names in the background of the adventure. Sometimes getting through regular life is plenty of adventure for anyone.

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