Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Endangered by Lamar Giles

Endangered by Lamar Giles

Lauren Daniels is known by many other names. 'Panda' by her mom because she's half German and half African American, and also to her classmates for some darker reasons. Then there's 'Gray' the pseudonym she uses for the photo blog Lauren runs that exposes the dark secrets of her classmates.

When Lauren discovers that one of her classroom enemies is involved with a teacher, she wastes no time publishing the story. But, when this leads to violence against the young woman involved, Gray is suddenly way over her head.

To make matters worse, someone knows that she's Gray. Someone is blackmailing her with photography challenges and threats that they might be behind the attack on her classmate. Time is running out and no matter Lauren, Panda or Gray has got to find a way to stop the mystery attacker before they strike again.

Lamar Giles writes a tight thriller that will have you tearing through pages to see who is following Lauren and whether she'll be able to solve the mystery in time. Lauren reminded me of Veronica Mars, a mystery solving teen who can't leave a hornet's nest alone, even when she's unlikely to get away without getting swarmed.

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