Friday, February 26, 2016

Up and Coming: The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle

The Great American Whatever by Tim Federle 

Release date: March 29, 2016

More than anything, Quinn wishes his life was more like the movies. There would be witty banter and he'd never make an awkward fool of himself. Somewhere there would be a cute love interest waiting for him and he would be just as smart as he was handsome. Most importantly, Quinn would have some idea how to function after the sudden loss of his sister. There's a formula for writing screenplays, a "hero's journey" and it would be really nice to know that he was on that kind of path; that this was the tragedy before he became Spiderman and saved a thousand children or something.

But, Quinn is, at most, a writer of films, not a character in one. So, he's totally at a loss as to what he's supposed to do with himself without Annabeth. His current plan is to stay in his room and hide from the world that is featuring a giant hole where she should be. Too bad his best friend Geoff is not going to let this plan continue through their summer.

It's hard to do things and meet people that he can never tell his sister about; especially when he meets Amir. But, even if he's not on a hero's journey, Quinn will have to figure out how to continue on his path (complete with first kisses, unfinished screenplays and a reunion with his childhood role model) without Annabeth by his side.

This is a book that has a definite voice. Quinn's voice reminded me a little of Greg's in Me, Earl and the Dying Girl, because he's sharp, a little acerbic and knows who he is even when he has no idea how being that person is any good to anyone. Also great is Quinn and Geoff's relationship,who are understanding and forgiving of each other's nonsense in the way real friends are. The Great American Whatever is funny, awkward and a great and true read.

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