Friday, January 22, 2016

Read This/Watch That: California Monsters Edition


Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater
Everyone knows that Cole St. Claire is back and better than ever, making a new album, making new headlines and being the bad boy everyone loves to gossip about. And of course, he's staging his comeback in Los Angeles, where else could he get up to as much trouble?

Cole St. Claire is in Los Angeles again, even though he pretty much hates it. He's being filmed by the paparazzi again, even though he definitely hates them. All so he can be a little closer to Isabel Culpepper. But, she seems to be the one girl who is immune to his charms, which is fitting because she's the one girl he wants to see through his shell. He just wishes she liked what she saw.

Cole would be at home in the hazy Santa Cruz scenes of the movie below, and also since he happens to sometimes be a creature of the night...



The Lost Boys

Mike and Sam are new to town... but already they can tell that things are not exactly as they should be, especially after dark.

When Mike starts to seem different, less likely to be awake during the day, a lot less likely to wear silver... there are only a few conclusions he can jump to.

Cole St. Claire would probably be right at home with Mike's new friends too, and he would definitely get a kick out of their 80s fashion.

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