Monday, January 25, 2016

Middle School Monday: Perfect Shot by Debbie Rigaud

Perfect Shot by Debbie Rigaud

London is at home behind the volleyball net. She's got dreams of being on an Olympic team. But, she's got to get her skills polished to make that happen that means doing things like going to intensive volleyball camp this summer. That's an expensive way to spend her vacation, so she's working as many shifts as possible at the local art store and looking for other ways to raise funds.

However, when she enters a local modelling contest, it's not money on her mind, it's the chance to meet the beyond cute photography intern, Brent. When Brent hints that there might be a cash prize at stake, suddenly this modelling contest seems a lot more important. More time with Brent, plus the chance to secure payment for the volleyball contest? Sounds like a win-win.

Of course, the path to gold is never easy and London's childhood rival Kelly is part of the contest and seems determined to throw London off the podium. Can London, who is more likely to wear her volleyball uniform to school than eyeliner, pull off the impossible and walk away with the prize money and the guy?

London is a girl who knows what she has to work on and strives to make positive changes even when she's juggling a job, a place on the team and a crush. This is a super fun, quick romance and it will leave you with a smile.

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