Friday, January 8, 2016

For the Record by Charlotte Huang

For the Record by Charlotte Huang

Be sure to check out this author at March's NoVA Teen Book Festival!

 Chelsea was featured on a televised singing competition and did well, but didn’t win. She didn’t realize that when she finished, she was under contract with the studio that sponsored the show until she gets a call that they’d like her to be the new singer for the band ‘Melbourne.’ The members of the rock band are not exactly thrilled to be saddled with a singer they didn’t pick and even less thrilled to have a girl they don’t know on tour with them.

Chelsea and her best friend Mandy head out on a US tour and are quickly swept up in life on the road. There are strict rules -- don’t eat any food that has someone else’s name on it; don’t hog the bathroom and no one in the band is allowed to hook up. Mostly Chelsea can barely get the band members to talk to her, so that last stipulation is not exactly a problem.

When Chelsea gets involved with a movie star who is a paparazzi darling, the band is less than pleased. Chelsea needs to decide whether the fame and glamour of dating Lucas is worth losing the respect of her band-mates who she’s been learning to really admire.

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