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Y'all Fest recaps: Creativity, Jealousy and Fear Panel

Our librarian, Nico went to the fabulous YALLFest (Young Adult Literature Lovers Festival) in South Carolina this past weekend and she wants to get you as close as possible to being there. For the rest of the week she will be sharing her notes from several panels to give you a taste of what the authors had to share!

Creativity, Jealousy and Fear Panel:
Featuring: Marie Lu, Daniel Handler, Scott Westerfeld, Gayle Forman, Libba Bray, Margaret Stohl

Marie Lu: Most recently she was jealous of the book Illuminae, it was the most perfect first draft she'd ever seen. It's an unusual, amazing boko and she just new she would never be able to do that. Sometimes she throws entire first drafts of her own away.

Daniel Handler: He had just flown in from L.A. The hotel he stayed at had a wall of wine. The man behind the counter just caught a bottle as it fell from a really tall height. At first he was jealous of the bar tender's skills, but then he was jealous of the bottle that had someone to catch it when it fell.

Scott Westerfeld: He's jealous of Margot Lanagan's sentences. We read other writers, other people. Sometimes you read a paragraph and sometimes you are jealous that the writer got to the paragraph before you could. He was jealous so he got Margot to write a book with him and now he can tell you that her first drafts are just as crappy as his.

He also gets jealous when hanging out with someone like Tommy Wallach who is getting to do everything for the first time.

Libba Bray: Sometimes there are so many things she can be jealous of. She says, just let it pass
through the body like diarrhea.

She's jealous of 'Hamilton' and says that's fair to say (even though the guests were told not to say Beyoncé because everyone's jealous of her!) because both Lin Manuel Miranda and Libba talk about American history. She wants to take a walk through Miranda's head. She thinks 'The Diviners' needs more rap battles.

Also, when working on Steph Perkin's upcoming anthology that she is a part of, she got a sneak peek at Leigh Bardugo's story. At first she was only going to read one page, but then she didn't want to stop and ended up reading the whole thing. So she was jealous of the story, but really she just called Leigh Bardugo to tell her how much she liked it.

Margaret Stohl: She has the ability to be jealous of everyone and everything. Marie Lu's book came out on the same day as her's and Lu was so secure that she blurbed Margaret's book. Margaret is jealous of that kind of ballsyness. 

Daniel Handler gave one million dollars to Planned Parenthood, she'd like to give one million dollars to Planned Parenthood, or give one million dollars to someone else, or have one million dollars.

Libba Bray is her personal goddess. When Libba's book went to number one she cried because America's taste matched her's for once. 

Daniel Handler:  Jealousy of other people's work is inspiring while being jealous of other people's circumstances is just depressing.

Marie Lu: Reading the draft of Illuminae was  great as a reader, but so awful as a writer. She had a mixture of awe and bitter despair. 

You have to get that kind of Jealousy out of your head. Then you can take the good stuff from it.

Scott Westerfeld:  You can get a light from someone without their fire going out. We are all inspired by each other and everyone steals things they like.

Gayle Forman:  She's a more subtle thief. What she takes is inspiration. When she looks at something great, she thinks ' someone made that. That's awe inspiring.' Also, 'They took the leap, so why can't I?'

The career aspect of jealous is so interesting. Viewing a person's career through social media is such a jealousy maker because it's such a  curated view of someone's life. 

Libba Bray: You're only getting the Beyoncé shots. You're not seeing the struggle. You see on twitter that someone got a movie deal and you're just eating peanut butter toast.

One of the things she likes about Gayle Forman is that Gayle is so upfront. She'll say, "I'm so jealous of you, but I loved your book." Being jealous often means she has a super amount of respect for you, you've got game.

Gayle Forman: Respect and jealousy aren't mutually exclusive. It's not about the crime, it's the cover up. 

Margaret Stohl: She had to be really clear on twitter and social media that Marie and her are friends. They were rooting for each other, but they were both concerned that they would be called 'catty.' 

Libba Bray: This is a huge thing for me. The gendered aspect of jealousy. Even our emails to the team who was presenting this panel were a certain way.

Scott Westerfeld: We all sent emails to each other. The men sent their theories of jealousy while the women sent their personal experiences. 

Libba Bray: As a woman, you always feel like you have to be very careful how you say something. It's such a relief to just be straight forward.

Gayle Forman: Women expend a great amount of energy to say something. And about 80% of that energy is being able to say something without being bossy or catty.

Margaret Stohl: (when asked what she does when she's on the receiving end of jealousy) The year that her movie came out was the worst year of her life (which she knows sounds like she's saying 'oh no, my diamond shoes are too tight'). She felt that the Hollywood version of her life was a terrible vain monster.

Daniel Handler: (talking about when the movie of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" premiered) Emily Browning had been nervous and he assured her that everything would be fine. But, when the door opened the paparazzi descended on her and were shouting terrible things at her to get them to look at her. He had just told her it was going to be fine and he felt culpable for what happened to her (since he wrote the book that turned into the movie). The presumption that this must be the best day of your life is so weird.

Gayle Forman: When her movie came out there was this community of people who had already done this and they took her aside and told her what to expect. But, she still had moments where she was calling those people in tears.

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