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Y'all Fest Recaps: A Chat with Meg Cabot and Melissa de la Cruz

Our librarian, Nico went to the fabulous YALLFest (Young Adult Literature Lovers Festival) in South Carolina this past weekend and she wants to get you as close as possible to being there. For the rest of the week she will be sharing her notes from several panels to give you a taste of what the authors had to share!

content-cafe-imageWhat does Meg Cabot think about being called the 'godmother of YA?'
Meg Cabot: The godmother of YA is Judy Blume. Her mom bought her one of her books when she was in fourth grade and it was called Forever. She brought it to school and the teacher asked her not to read it during class.

YA has changed a lot since she started writing. For one thing it used to be that you couldn't go over 50,000 words. Now YA can be as long as adult fiction.

What is writing process like for the authors?
Melissa de la Cruz: She's a 'plotter who wears pants.' She is an outliner and she's written 30 books this way. She tried to change how she does things for one book and it ended up being the hardest one ever to write.

Meg Cabot: She says that a person doesn't go on a journey without getting a ticket for their destination. That way you know what to bring but not exactly what will happen while you're there. This is kind of how she writes her books.

Which 'Descendant' does Melissa de la Cruz like the best?
Melissa de la Cruz: Her favorite is Carols de Vil because he's a big science nerd and very cowardly. She identifies with him more than Mel.

What was Anne Hathaway like?
Meg Cabot: The Princess Diaries with Anne Hathaway also did the books on tape. She was so adorable and sweet. She was in her pjs in the sound booth the first time Meg met her. They were making her drink rosa's lime juice so she wouldn't pop her p's and she was fine with it. She was very professional.

She gets mad when there is negative press about her. She feels that the press is incredibly skewed. Anne came up to Meg at the premiere and asked what she thought of it. When she told her that she thought it was great, Anne started crying because she'd been worrying about it-- normally no one cares what the author thinks-- so Meg was very moved.

Melissa de la Cruz: when she was doing the television show or when Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl were making Beautiful Creatures, they all basically visited the set to say hi and then left. Unlike Ransom Riggs and John Green who went to the set and then never left.

Meg and Melissa both felt that they were the only ones not working on set and they didn't have a lot to add, so they left and went back to their real jobs.

Will there be a movie of The Mediator series?
Meg Cabot: They almost made it into the movie but the things they wanted to do to it were things she didn't want to sacrifice. So she took the rights back.

Either you have complete control of your work or you see the
movie and you don't.

What was it like working on The Descendants?
Melissa de la Cruz:Everything (the book, the tv movie, the dolls) was in the works at the same time. This is how these multi-platform projects are done. It's interesting because you have lots of moving pieces, but cool because when she changed something in the books she did see that reflected in the movie.

Will there be more Notebooks of a Middle School Princess books?
Meg Cabot: They will continue. Book 2 is in process right now. Olivia is princess Mia's bridesmaid in the royal wedding. You might have noticed that the book Royal Wedding did not have a lot of information about the official wedding but this book will have lots of those details. 

Meg is drawing the pictures now. And the book will be out in May.

Where did you get the idea for 
The Princess Diaries?
Meg Cabot: Meg's mom started dating her teacher, which was very disgusting. But, she couldn't tell her mom that because it was also nice for her mom to be dating the teacher. So, instead, she wrote about in her diary. This wasn't enough for an entire book storyline, so she added in that a prince was secretly her dad.
Fat Louie is based on her friends cat, 'Fat Henry.' Her friend is kind of mad about this because Fat Louie gets into all kinds of trouble that Henry never did.

Which of your books is the most autobiographical? 
Meg Cabot: Allie Finkle has two little brothers, one of whom desperately wants a pair of velvet pants, this is all true. There are a lot of autobiographical stories in the Allie Finkle books.

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