Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

Jane Connolly is determined to show her mom that she can be both independent and responsible, so that means taking a summer job as a babysitter. When it turns out the mom she's working for is also the mom of her archenemy's best friend, there's not much she can do to get out of it.

But when it turns out Teo Garcia is nothing like his best friend, and in fact really nice and a great help with his 3 little sisters, Jane wants to do something nice to thank him. When she finds out Teo is looking for his birth father and Jane happens to be a fairly good internet detective, she thinks looking into the missing parent might be the key to making sure Teo sees her as more than just her best friend's enemy.

Then there's Margo, Jane's big sister who is home from college. Her mom wants Jane to be more like Margo, more studious and organized. Margo wishes that Jane knew she was just as confused about things as she is.

Teo, Jane and her sister Margo are all working through some big questions during their school break. Mixed in with all that soul searching is a lot of cute banter and a first kiss or two. This is a summer rom com for fans of Jennifer E. Smith

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