Friday, November 20, 2015

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

A boy is in the hospital after being beaten up by a police officer. It's all over the news. They say he stole chips. They say he's a thug. They say that no one can really know what went down in the store that night. But that's not true.  Rashad knows, because he's the one whose face is on every screen. And so does Quinn, who saw it all go down... even if he hasn't told anyone he did.

Besides being the focus of news stories, Rashad is a high school student, an ROTC member, an artist and a son. He also attends the  same school as Quinn.

Quinn's best friend is the officer's brother. Quinn grew up in and out of their house and he's known Paul Galluzzo since he was a kid. But he also knows what he saw.

This is about as timely a book as you can get.  The two authors give authentic voices to their two narrators. Both are struggling with the events of that night and the idea that no one might believe them The story puts the fact that the names you read in newspapers belong to teenagers, young people with most of their lives still to come, front and center, and that's a major reason to love this book.  

All American Boys is already starting to populate the 'best of the year' award lists and we expect that will only continue as more and more people read this important title.

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