Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Diamond Boy by Michael Williams

Diamond Boy by Michael Williams

Patson likes to run cross country, text his best friend Sheena and hang out with his baby sister Grace. His dad is a teacher and Patson strives to do as well as he can in school. But, his family is not doing well financially and his stepmother is convinced that they could do much better if they traveled to Marange, a part of Zimbabwe where her brother owns a diamond mine. Rumor is, there are enough diamonds for everyone who lives there to get rich.

But, when they make their way to the new town, things are not as advertised. Patson finds himself looking for diamonds instead of studying. He's working with other teens and they all have a common goal, find girazis (ultra rare, very desired diamonds) and smuggle them out of the mines without the diamond cartel finding out. They have a plan to get out of having to working in the dangerous conditions at the mine, but Patson has learned that things never go the way you plan...

Ever wonder what your life might be like if you grew up in Zimbabwe? Find out in this extremely exciting adventure. You will want to hold on tight as you rocket around southern Africa with Patson and his sister.

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