Monday, October 12, 2015

Saving Santiago by Lynn Miller-Lachmann

Surving Santiago by Lynn Miller-Lachmann

Tina Augilar's mom just got remarried. To convince her dad to sign the divorce papers that let her long-separated mom marry her new step-father, Tina had to agree to go visit her step father in Chile. Because she likes her new stepfather and wants her mom to be happy, Tina agreed, but she'd much rather spend the summer with her friends and helping her stepdad work on their new house.

Instead she's hanging out in an apartment in Santiago with her aunt and her dad. He's an anti-Pinochet activist who relies heavily on alcohol to help with his PTSD. Even with that, he's having a hard time dealing with his demons on top of still trying to fight the regime in power. His friends keep a close watch on him, but Tina still worries about him while at the same time finding it impossible to connect with him.

Most of the Tina's days are spent alone in her dad's apartment. When she meets Frankie, a motorcycle courier who's about her age, the summer suddenly takes a turn for the romantic. But, when her dad doesn't approve, will her life become like the tragic Shakespeare she's been reading for school?

Have you read a lot of YA set in 1980s Chile? We haven't! Take a trip back in time and South of the Equator with this thrilling novel.

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