Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

For four years Violet has been told how "special" she is. She has been given all the food she could want and a great education. She's been allowed to learn the cello and she's made some great friends, all because she is destined for a higher purpose.

A genetic mutation of her blood (and that of her classmates) means that Violet is able to do a little bit of magic. She can change the shape and color of things, even make something grow. All of this means that she is the perfect candidate to grow a designer baby for the royal families of her country. In fact, she's so talented that she is in the highest group of her class to be bid on for the job.

Sound exciting? It doesn't really to Violet either. But, she has no choice. The punishment for avoiding the blood test would have been death for her and serious additional consequences for her family too. But, that doesn't mean she's resigned to her fate. Instead, she's constantly looking for a way out. But there is a clock counting down and she can't be sure who to trust. Her lady in waiting and the boy who she has a crush on all could be working against her.

This is a very tight moving fist chapter of a new series. Will Violet be able to find a way out? You'll be obsessively checking for the next volume to find out!

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