Friday, August 7, 2015

Read This/Watch That: Friends Against The World Edition

Every summer we like to do something fun for Fridays. This year we've got lots of picks for book and movie pairings to keep your brain busy.  Today our teen author, Lucy, gives us two picks where all you need to survive the weird world are your friends.


Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith

Robby Brees and Austin Szerba have messed up. Big time. In their small town of Ealing, Iowa, they have accidentally unleashed an army of 6-foot tall praying mantises that only eat people. As they try to fix their mistake and unravel the mysteries behind the creation of McKeon industries, Austin is left questioning his blooming sexuality and wondering how he can love two people at the same time. This dynamic, roaring comedy about three people trying to redefine themselves while surviving the apocalypse was one of my favorite books of the year. Zany, hilarious, and thoughtful, it’s a refreshing read.


The Sandlot (PG)

Scottie Smalls, who prefers to read books rather than make friends, is forced by his mother to join a neighborhood baseball team. When Scottie loses his stepfather's autographed baseball to the Beast, he and the team have to outsmart the huge dog to get it back.

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<#01DF01>Grasshopper Jungle seems like a weird but good book. I really want to read it.