Friday, August 21, 2015

Read This/ Watch That: The Rat Pack Edition

Every summer we like to do something fun for Fridays. This year we've got lots of picks for book and movie pairings to keep your brain busy. Today, we get in on a few good heists.


The Great Greene Heist by Varian Johnson
Jackson Greene is always up to something. The principal knows it, the vice principal knows it and so does his former best friend. That's because the last heist that Jackson Greene organized didn't quite turn out the way he had intended.

Gabriela might not be speaking to him, but that doesn't mean Jackson can let her campaign for student body president be sabotaged. One last caper to put a stop to the injustice couldn't hurt, could it?


Oceans Eleven (PG-13)
Who does Jackson Greene want to be when he grows up? One Johnny Castle, of course.

If you ever wanted to know what you need to pull off the perfect heist, you can find it in an Oceans movie. There's the putting together of the perfect team, the finding the perfect location, figuring out the perfect plan...

Get started with this heist movie and you'll be launched into a whole genre of MORE heist movies (which, what could be better?)

Soon you might be ready to join Mr. Greene or Mr. Ocean's team...



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