Monday, August 31, 2015

Laughing at My Nightmare by Shane Burcaw

Laughing at My Nightmare by Shane Burcaw

Shane is a 23 year old internet star. He and his cousin started a non profit organization when he was in college and now they travel around the country doing speaking engagements with kids and teens. He's snarky, sarcastic and has already written a book about his life.

Also, Burcaw has spent his life dealing with the effects of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. That means he relies on other people and a wheelchair for a lot of his physical needs. But he's built his organization and social media presence on trying to encourage people to find the humor in everything life deals a person, especially the hard stuff.

This book is one of High School TAB's 2015 Top 10 books. We think the teens chose it because Burcaw's voice is clear, funny and makes his story extremely easy to relate to. Also, his attitude in the face of adversity makes the reader reconsider their own outlook. Once you finish, you'll want to move on to the author's blog, YouTube channel and twitter to keep up with everything that has happened since he finished writing the book.

(note: this trailer contains one moment of language that some viewers might find objectionable)

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