Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Oughta Be in Pictures: I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Last year this was the most beloved book of our staff. It is gorgeously written and clearly belongs on the biggest of big screens.

While we wait for Hollywood to get its act together, here is our dream cast for I'll Give You The Sun . The story of Jude and Noah who used to be inseparable but now can't even stand to be in the same room with each other. It's full of art, fights, love and more.

Here's one apology before we get going.... We know that the main family has a lot of blondes in the book, so don't hate us cause we changed that....
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Jude played by Alia Shawkat

In middle school, Jude was the girl who everyone wanted to be and who didn't care at all what anyone thought. But, three years later she's so wrapped up in hurt and grief that her only real friend is her dead grandma. The actress who plays Jude would have to be able to portray both versions of her and we think the extremely cool Alia Shawkat (from Arrested Development, Whip It and more) would have no problem.

 Image used under CC license from Flickr user: Gage Skidmore

Noah played by Robert Sheehan
Jude's twin brother, Noah, used to spend his days dreaming about going to art school and avoiding bullies. Now he's a teen who barely talks to his family and spends every waking moment with the soccer team. We think Robert Sheehan could play this brooding and brilliant teen, no problem.

 Image used under CC license from Flickr user: Eric Sudias

Brian played by Thomas Brodie SangsterWhen Brian moves next door, Noah is sure that he will be too cool to hang out with him. Instead they become the fastest of friends. Noah is pretty sure they could be more than friends if life ever worked out the way he wanted it to. We're casting Thomas from Game of Thrones and Maze Runner as Noah's cute neighbor. 

Image used under CC license from Flickr user: WEBN-TV
Oscar played by Andrew GarfieldOscar is a very cute English artist that Jude is interested in despite herself. Oscar's also working through personal problems of his own (with the help of the artist Guillermo). This was a fun one to cast, but after looking at lots of cute, English actors, we're giving it to Andrew Garfield.

  Image used under CC license from Flickr user: GUE/NGL

Guillermo played by Javier Bardem
This was who we pictured when we read the book. The temperamental sculptor who takes in Oscar and lets Jude apprentice with him could be no one else!

 Image used under CC license from Flickr user: The Hudson Union Society

  Dianna (The twins' mom) played by Minne DriverWho could play the enchanting Dianna? She's an art historian who raises her kids on the world's greatest paintings and sculptures. Not only do we think Minnie Driver could definitely play this charasmatic woman, but we also think she looks a lot like our choices for Noah and Jude.

   Image used under CC license from Flickr user:ramsey beyer

Benjamin (The twins' dad) played by Jake Gyllenhaal  
For the grieving dad who can’t seem to connect with his kids, we’re casting Jake Gyllenhaal. We think he could do the in-over-his-head acting necessary to play Benjamin.


aae9180 said...

I am about to read this book, so I am glad to know that the librarians picked this as their most-beloved book last year! Can't wait to read it!

Johanna said...

It was fun to see your different takes on the characters; I imagined them quite differently (although not exactly blond either). Although I don't know much about the actors, so their previous roles may have more similarities to my vision of the characters. Great book! I would definitely see the movies.