Thursday, July 2, 2015

Up and Coming: This Broken Wondrous World by Jon Skovron

This Broken Wondrous World by Jon Skovron

Release Date: August 4, 2015

When we left Boy at the end of Man Made Boy he had left the theater of monsters where he grew up behind. With the help of his girlfriend(s) Sophie and Claire, who happen to be the granddaughters of a Mister Jeckyll and Doctor Hyde, Boy stopped a computer program he created from wreaking havoc on the world's technology and went on a killer road trip across the country. You'd think after all of that, Boy would be able to attend college in peace and quiet?

Not when word gets out a scientist, Mr. Moreau, would like Boy to consider joining his campaign for the rights of monsters. But when boy suspects that siding with Moreau would mean agreeing to destroy humanity, he is not so excited to join up. But will he be willing to go against the friends and family he's known his whole life if it means saving the world?

It was so awesome to return to the world of Man Made Boy in this sequel. A world just like ours except for the monsters and mythological beasts lurking in the shadows. This book takes all that world building and runs with it. It's action packed from start to finish and you won't want to miss a moment of it. Plus we get to go to South America and Switzerland and meet all sorts of new creatures. This series is so much fun to read and we can only hope that there will be more books to come!

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Anonymous said...

I've met Jon and I can't wait to read his new book!

Bandith Carr said...

I liked the summary of the book including the part about the two girls being granddaughters of a Mister Jeckyll and Doctor Hyde.