Friday, July 17, 2015

Read This Watch That: So Fetch Edition

Read this:
Mortal Danger by Anne Aguirre (see our full review here)

One little deal helped Edie go from a social outcast to the most beautiful and sought after girl on campus. So what if that deal was with a shady organization who expected favors in return? So what if the deal might be behind some horrible things happening to the very people who used to be mean to Edie?

This book features character who are every bit as mean as Regina George, teen villainess in pink...

Watch That:

Mean Girls (PG-13)
Cady Heron is the child of two scientists who study animal behavior. When she enters her first real school after being homeschooled through most of her life, Cady can't help but see the students through the lens of the animal kingdom.

Especially when the teens seem to roam in packs. And when the group of girls fronted by Regina George act like the queens of the jungle. But, when Cady becomes adopted by the mean girls, can she stay an impartial observer??


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