Friday, July 24, 2015

Read This/ Watch That: Greasepaint and Mosquitoes Edition

Every summer we like to do something fun for Fridays. This year we've got lots of picks for book and movie pairings to keep your brain busy. This week, Kady takes us to summer-stock.


Dramarama by E. Lockhart

If there's one thing best friends Sadye and Demi know, it's that they're meant for bigger and better things than their tiny podunk Ohio town. So when they try out, and are both accepted, for a prestigious summer theater camp in upstate New York it seems like everything's coming up roses. After all, they know all the music, they know all the original casts and choreography and they are far and away the most talented people they've ever been around. Surely everyone else will recognize their greatness too, right? Well, yes and no. Sadye immediately gets stuck in the ensemble, a place she has far too many opinions for, and has to sit on the sideline as Demi's star begins to rise. Will Sadye and Demi's dynamic friendship survive a summer of singing, dancing, and cat fighting aka Theater Camp?


Camp (PG-13)

Camp Ovation, the theater camp at the center of this 2003 cult classic is A LOT like Wildewood Academy in Dramarama, in fact, they're both modeled on the same, real life theater camp Stagedoor Manor. The kids in Camp are similar to the kids in Dramarama too- the loud and musical kids, the ones who don't quite fit in at home, the quiet and meek kids just waiting for their chance to shine, even the gay kids who finally don't have to hide in the closet when they're at camp. Camp follows a small group of campers through a typical summer at Camp Ovation, through the try outs, rehearsals, performances and all the inter personal drama that happens when the stage lights have dimmed for the day. Bonus: Even though the cast is mostly unknowns, Camp is the first movie Anna Kendrick ever had a part in, so keep your eyes (and ears) open for the former unknown and current blockbuster star.

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