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The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler

Elyse d'Abreau spent her whole life singing with her twin sister. As one of six daughters, their beautiful singing voices was what set them apart. In fact, everyone in their hometown on the coast of  Tabago thinks that she and her sister are destined for greatness. But, that was all before the accident that left Elyse without a voice and desperate to get away from everything that reminds her of what she's lost, including her sister.

Oregon is pretty far away from the Caribbean. Elyse is spending the summer with a family friend, taking it easy and recovering. She works for her family's friend, Lemon and pals around with Summer's daughter Kirby and Kirby's best friend.The last thing she wants is the added stress of a relationship. Especially one with Christian Kane, the biggest heartbreaker on the cove.

Since Elyse isn't interested in dating Christian, she sees no problem in helping him win the local regatta. Christian is in a tight place after his father bet a local land developer that he'd take first place. Since Elyse grew up sailing, she steps up when Christian needs a first mate. But, as she helps him with the regatta, she begins to see the boy behind the reputation. And that boy is a lot harder to resist...

This is the summer book you've been waiting for. Elyse's voicebox might have been damaged, but her voice shines through this novel. Her love for music has led her to a love of poetry that she writes with the same sharpies she keeps around to communicate with her friends and Christian. Her poetry, combined with her really strong point-of-view leads to a wonderful novel that is definitely in competition as my favorite Ockler book.  I also completely loved Christian's mermaid-seeking younger brother, so much that I'd love to read a book about his teenage years as well. 

If you love contemporary YA and haven't read a Sarah Ockler book yet, add her to your summer reading list STAT! Her main characters are girls working towards happiness despite the problems life throws at them. Also, there are some of the dreamiest boys in YA... if you go for that sort of thing. Her books are perfect for fans of Jennifer Echols and Trish Doller!

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