Friday, June 19, 2015

Teen Review: The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

Sarah, a fabulous teen volunteer at Westover, shares her review of a Wendy Mass favorite:

The Candymakers by Wendy Mass

Many people dream of being a singer or an artist or an astronaut, but I doubt you've dreamt about growing up to be an inventor of the world's most popular candy. One of the main characters in Wendy Mass's The Candymakers, however, does have this dream. The Candymakers follows four kids, Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip, who enter a candy-making contest at the "Life is Sweet" candy factory. As the story progresses, you learn that the four kids' stories are more connected than you might think

I'll admit that that summary sounded cheesy, but this is an incredible book. The book is well written, well thought out, and it has an intriguing plot. The first interesting thing about this book is the way it is written. As mentioned above, it follows four kids who enter a candy contest. The number of main characters would lead one to expect that the book would be written in third person omniscient, but it is written in third person limited, switching characters each section of the book. Each new section follows a different contestant, and each one starts back at the beginning of the story, then proceeds to move ahead of the last account by a very small amount of time. This style of writing both builds suspense and causes the reader to get to know all of the characters quite well.

The plot to this book is also well thought out and very interesting. The writing makes candy-making a very exciting affair, and creates the environment of a colorful and cheerful candy factory. The book makes its readers feel surprisingly happy to be reading about the process of candy-making.

Finally, the plot twists in the book are superb. Of course, I would not give away the plot of a book in a review, but I think it's worth mentioning that the plot turns in an unexpected direction. And it's not the kind of plot twist that you can predict now that you're aware of its existence. The plot really changes and it takes you on an intriguing journey of revealing connections between characters and events.
In conclusion, The Candymakers is an excellent book to read if you are looking for an interesting story or a well written novel. I can definitely say that reading it gave me great pleasure.


Johanna said...

Oh my goodness I loved this book so much!!! It is awesome. Read Wendy Mass!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this book! The different perspectives of the characters really add to it! All of Wendy Mass's books are awesome!!!!

aae9180 said...

This book was AMAZING! I read it in a day and couldn't put it down. Wendy Mass's books are so good! I definitely recommend this book.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read! Sounds really good!