Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Emily never missed having her father around. Why miss someone who didn't want her in the first place? Also, her stepfather cares about her about a million times more than her biological father, Eli ever could hope to anyway. So, when she receives word that Eli would like her to attend her grandmother's funeral, she is not at all interested. But, it soon becomes clear that her mother is not going to take no for an answer.

Oz cares about two things, his family and the motorcycle club that he hopes to join now that he's of age. Since everyone he's related to is part of the club, these two things are really one and the same. Anyone else is not worth his time, especially not the to-good-everyone Emily who he's immediately assigned with watching over. She's just another assignment to prove he's worthy of being patched-in to the gang.

Since this is a Katie McGarry book, you know that these two teenagers are on a crash course to romance. Oz and Emily have the kind of chemistry that can only lead to an explosion, whether it's going to be hate or love is anyone's guess. Emily can't believe that the Oz's whole world revolves around the club and Oz can't understand why Emily's mother took her out of the life and never looked back.

This is my pick for summer blockbuster book this year. There are car chases and big twists, motorcycles and tire-swings, robberies and barbecues, everything you need for a big summer movie. Instead of heading to the theater, McGarry paints this picture for you in such a vivid way you'll swear you hear motorcycle engines.

This is the beginning of a new series for McGarry and you'll definitely spend some time guessing who of the characters you meet in Nowhere But Here will star in the next book... I already can't wait!

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