Monday, May 18, 2015

Wildlife by Fiona Wood

Wildlife by Fiona Wood

Sib was prepared for her wilderness semester. She had her sneakers, her backpack and stationary to write home. She wasn't, however, prepared for how differently people would treat her after a family friend asks her to model for a big budget magazine and billboard campaign.

Lou has had no such luck, but she's also struggling to deal with the unexpected. For her, a semester away from everything is a welcome change, except no matter where she goes, her sadness is coming with her. She's not so out of sorts that she doesn't notice that Sib's best gal pal isn't exactly the type of person you'd want to depend on. But, interfering in Sib's personal life isn't the top of Lou's priorities at all. Until she befriends Sib's other friend, Michael, and has to decide if two new friends are enough reason to reengage with the present.

Lou and Sib are both girls that seem like teens you might know. They're both thrown into a new situation but bring their old emotional baggage with them. There's lots of friendship and boyfriend drama, just as you'd expect during  a semester away from their parents. This is a perfect read to take with you on your next camping trip.

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