Friday, May 29, 2015

The Shadow Hero by Gene Leun Yang and Sonny Liew

The Shadow Hero by Gene Leun Yang and Sonny Liew

Hank wants nothing more than to follow in his grocer father's footsteps. But, when his mother is saved from a carjacking by a passing superhero, she suddenly gets it in her mind that Hank should have bigger goals in life. Armed with a handmade suit and many months of fight training, he feels like he might be ready to fight the rising flood of crime in Chinatown, San Francisco. When he helps to save the daughter of a mob boss, he quickly gets over his head in trouble.

This is an origin story for a comic book from the 1940s. The creator of this World War II era hero is said to have intended his hero to be of Chinese dissent, but the character war a mask and he was forced to keep his ideas about The Shadow Hero's history off the page. Now, sixty plus years later, Gene Leun Yang and Sonny Liew have the chance to give the super hero the backstory he deserves.

This is an exciting first adventure that has a ton of jokes (which I always appreciate, in a sea of ever darker super hero stories). Plus, the art is killer. This is the perfect thing to read while you wait for the next blockbuster comic book movie, and maybe someday we'll see a certain green hero get his time in lights.

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