Friday, May 22, 2015

The Cipher by John C. Ford

The Cipher by John C. Ford

When your dad is the head of a multi-million dollar computer security firm, people expect certain things from you. Smiles has never been very good at meeting expectations. On the first day of his 18th year, Smiles has been kicked out of school, is recovering from a hangover and the only people singing "Happy Birthday" to him are the nurses in the oncology ward where his dad is dying.

When his oddball sixteen year old math-genius neighbor asks him for a ride to a Connecticut Casino, where Ben is supposed to be attending a cryptology conference, it seems like the perfect escape from Smiles life. But, there's something bigger going on around Smiles and he's about to find out how much a math equation can be worth to the right people and how dangerous it can be to have solved it as well.

This is a high stakes thriller where math and politics can cost people's lives. If you are a math whiz or a fan of cut-throat dramas like House of Cards and The Americans, The Cipher will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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