Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma

Librarian M tells us about an oddly thrilling new mystery:

The Walls Around Us  by Nova Ren Suma

Nova Ren Suma has another surreal treat for us. (Did you read Imaginary Girls? It’s weird—and great!)

In The Walls Around Us we get the stories of two girls. Amber is locked up in a detention center. She committed a heinous crime—or did she? There seems to be some doubt about her culpability. Violet is a ballerina who is headed for Juilliard, but she might owe all her success to the fact that her best friend Orianna, a better dancer than Violet, also committed a heinous crime and is now behind bars. Or did Orianna commit those murders? As The Walls Around Us unspools, you’ll wonder who to believe and what really happened.

I like this book (and Imaginary Girls) because it seems to take place in reality, but there is something slippery about it. The supernatural is always dogging the story, but not overwhelming it. If you need something odd in your life (and who doesn’t?) put a hold on this title now!

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