Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Teen Review: Half Bad by Sally Green

Our fab teen reviewer, Lucy, is back with a look at a TAB favorite:

Half Bad by Sally Green
Nathan is the son of the most feared and hated black witch on the planet, Marcus. But Nathan has never met his father, and instead he lives with his mother’s family, where he’s monitored and carefully controlled by the Council of white witches. The only reason he hasn’t been killed yet is that his mother was a respected white witch, and the council hopes to use his powers against his father.

But Nathan’s 18th birthday is approaching, and if he doesn’t receive three gifts from someone of his blood, he’ll never come into his Gift. And the Council will never give him his gifts voluntarily. Nathan must find his father by his 18th birthday, or risk death.

This book was really fun to read. Nathan has the rebellious spirit of a teenager, and his character is very unique. The plot was interesting and made you want to keep reading till the end of Nathan’s journey. Unfortunately, though, Green’s inexperience as a writer was obvious. The pacing was stunted and erratic. The book was also constantly changing from 1st to 2nd person, which made it confusing to follow.

In spite of that, I would definitely recommend it. The style was unique and the characters were fascinating. The world building was also fantastic. You can tell that a lot of work has gone into that book. I’m excited for the sequel!

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