Monday, April 13, 2015

Read This, Watch That: Children of the Revolution Edition

READ THIS A Mad Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller
The world is opening up for Victoria Darling, she's at finishing school in France and drawing with a bunch of artists who are all part of the budding art nouveau movement. But, when the group's life drawing model doesn't show, Vicky takes her turn on the pedestal, as any of her fellow male artists would do. Too bad her finishing school doesn't feel quite the same way about a young woman modeling in the buff! Suddenly she's on her way back to her parents, expelled from school and facing the possibility that the only way she could possibly attend an art college is if she married someone and her husband said she could.

But, in England Vicky runs in to a group of women who don't think she should have to be married to do what she wants. The suffragettes are demonstrating for women's right to vote and their rights as a person. But getting involved with them is not going to win her any favors with her parents and it might get her in trouble with the police.

Vicky wants to be free to choose her own destiny, including who she loves and what passions she'll pursue in her life. That sounds very much like the wants of the characters in the movie below:

Moulin Rouge
Christian has come to Paris to write a novel about love. But somehow he ends up mixed up with the artist Toulouse-Letrech and his band of pennyless playrights and artists. But with them comes a connection the beautiful Satine, a dancer whose life is not her own.

Nobody in this movie is completely free to do the things they want to do, but everyone is trying to live a life full of art and love. If Victoria had not been sent home from finishing school, one can't help but wonder if she might have ended up painting with Letrech and his friends.

Plus don't miss the amazing costumes and dance numbers!

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