Monday, April 27, 2015

I Second That: Half Bad by Sally Green

Half Bad by Sally Green

The only witches in England that are free to live with the non magic are the white witches. They're supposed to be the lawful and good witches, the ones who wouldn't harm their fellow countrymen. The black witches are something darker, something the council does not approve of. Nathan's mom and all his brothers, sisters and his grandma are all white witches. But, Nathan is only half white and everyone knows that means he's trouble.

Nathan spends a lot of this book in a cage, looking back on how he got there. The magic in this book is tense, creepy and nothing at all like getting a letter from Hogwarts on your thirteenth birthday. You know that there's a ticking clock between the story Nathan is telling and when he's going to end up locked in a box.

 There is some very cool world building going on in this book. Ms. Green has created the extremely unsettling council who governs the witches as well a history of witches both good and bad, happening right on top of English history. Half Bad's world is intricately built and our TAB teens are eating it up and more than ready for the sequel.

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