Monday, March 2, 2015

Radio Week: "I am Disappeared" by Frank Turner

Frank Turner - I am Disappeared
Frank Turner cuts right to the heart of whatever he's singing about. Ever feel like the world and all the things that are expected of you are just too much and you'd rather just run away? That's this song. He's the kind of musician who doesn't need to be amplified to be electric- it's raw and real and true.

The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley  by Shaun David Hutchinson (see our full review here)

"Raw and real and true," also works as a good description for this book. Drew is the master of disappearing, he's been living in the construction area of a hospital since his family died in a car crash. He's hiding from life without them.

The real world feels like too much for Drew to deal with, so he has disappeared, just like Frank Turner sings about. You'll definitely feel the pressing weight of all the things Drew is hiding from as you read. But, even within the walls of his shelter, the hospital, there's plenty of hard things to deal with. There's a boy who was nearly burned to death that Drew can't stop thinking about and then then there's the touch and go health of his two friends in pediatrics. No matter how much he tries to hide from life, it still has a way of finding him.

Drew has a habit of "borrowing" the ipods of doctors that he finds in their lockers. I think if one of those happened to feature a Frank Turner playlist he might find a kindred spirit.

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