Thursday, March 5, 2015

Radio Week: "All I Want" by Joni Mitchell

The Fabulous Ms. Kady presents the latest book from Holly Black

The Book: The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

16 year old Hazel has spent her entire life trying to protect those she loves. When she was a child she did it with the sword she found in the woods, and now, as a teenager she does it by keeping secrets. Her brother Ben is so afraid of his musical gift and its sway over others that he too is keeping some dangerous secrets. But secrets have a way of distorting even the best of intentions and getting secret keepers into trouble. Secrets also have a way of coming out when you live in Fairfold, a town where regular people and the fey live side by side not always harmoniously. When the mysterious sleeping prince int he glass casket- a long time Fairfold tourist attraction- is suddenly freed and awaken he brings with him a whole host of monsters and it's time, once again, for Hazel to find her sword and her inner strength and jump into battle to protect those she loves.

The Song: "All I Want" by Joni Mitchell

Honestly I could have paired this book with any song off Joni Mitchell's Blue album. Just listen to her sing and tell me that isn't music made by old school fairies. If you listen to the lyrics of All I Want though, you begin to get a picture of what Hazel's life has been like. A girl who wants to be carefree and love unconditionally but can't because of her secrets, her little jealousies and anger. Of course the ideal is for her love to "bring out the best in [her] and in [her loved one's] too" but instead her love has twisted in on itself and left her on a "lonely road and [she] is traveling/looking for something to set [her] free."

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